Cosmetic Microbeads Killing Fish

August 04, 2016

Products with microbeads are recently banned because they are small enough to make it through water filtration so they are being dumped in oceans and eaten by fish leaving damaging effects. These beauty brands have until 2018 to reformulate and GET the microbeads out of their skin care products:BEAT IT beads...

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Does Your Skin Care Products Contain Formaldehyde?

July 15, 2016

How to tell if there is formaldehyde in your beauty products? Throughout the course of my career, in nutrition and skin care, I have never recommended a client of mine to “apply more formaldehyde” to assist in the process of anti-aging. Given the widespread use of formaldehyde as a preservative in cosmetics products, that is fundamentally what you risk every time you put your favorite facial moisturizer or under eye serum on your skin. I am sure that everyone, regardless of their educational background, knows that it is obviously unhealthy to expose yourself to formaldehyde. Strangely, the mass producers of common anti-aging and other personal care products have no issue with exposing millions of their customers to formaldehyde, despite common knowledge...

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Why Papaya Is So Great For Your Skin!

March 28, 2016

Why use papaya in your face wash? Papaya, also known as Carica papaya, was chosen for AMG' face wash because it naturally contains papain enzyme and beta carotene. These are both effective at removing dead cells on the skin by breaking the dead inactive protein on the skin. Papaya makes an excellent moisturizer for skin and helps retain skin moisture. Papaya is also effective in reducing acne, pimples and blemishes. It helps open and clean clogged pores.  By retaining the moisture on the skin, it gives a soft and supple texture to the skin.  How regular use of a Papaya Face Wash can improve your skin. Regular use of Papaya Face Wash can help improve skin discoloration. The beta carotene...

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