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Acne Part 1: Common Treatments, Health Consequences and Healthier Solutions

February 13, 2017

Acne Part 1:  Common Treatments,Health Consequences and Healthier Solutions by Linda Lizotte, R.D.  Acne is a complicated condition with multiple possible causes. Our face is the first thing people see while standing in front of us. The last thing we want is that they only focus our acne rather than seeing the true beauty that lies beneath. The purpose of this article is to discuss long-term health consequences of using  antibiotics to treat acne and offer safer, effective, natural solutions. We’ll also practice our cosmetic label reading skills. Acne Treatments Part 2 will discuss Accutane side-effects and more. As always we’ll provide healthier options that really work. We all know that teenagers are the most plagued by acne. 80% of teenagers suffer...

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Oil Cleansing Method

February 06, 2017

Oil Cleansing Method for Sensitive Dry Skin Do you have dry skin? Are you tired of battling your dehydrated skin with cleansers that just seem to dry it out more? Then you came to the right place because AMG has a solution for you! We are going to be teaching you all you need to know about the popular oil cleansing method. What is it? How it works. The benefits of oil cleansing. And a step by step instruction how to do it and implement it into your skin care regimen. What is oil cleansing? Oil cleansing is the simple concept of using good oils to remove bad oils off your skin. As most of us learned in chemistry, likes...

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Natural Solutions to Healthy Skin Care

October 20, 2016


Get to the cause of sagging/wrinkling skin by providing nutrients that increase the production of collagen and elastin naturally. Collagen and elastin is key to keeping the skin firm and tight. Production of these proteins decline as we AGE. Sulfur is needed to make collagen. Sulfur is often lacking in our diets.

natural solutions

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