Dangers of Perfume

Think twice before you buy a loved one PERFUME for Valentine's Day.
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Do you love them or do you want to kill them? You might be doing BOTH.  

Connie Pitts, author of Get a Whiff of This: Perfumes (Fragrances) - The Invisible Chemical Poisons, explains “Perfumes, colognes, and many other scented products contain an abundance of harmful chemicals, many of which are listed on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste List.  They also include numerous carcinogenic chemicals, neurotoxins, respiratory irritants, solvents, aldehydes, hundreds of untested and unregulated petrochemicals, phthalates (which can act as hormone disruptors), narcotics, and much more.”(3) 

Petroleum based chemicals in your perfume?!















perfume dangers

The Committee on Science & Technology found that roughly 95% of the chemicals used in PERFUME, to make the unique "fragrance", are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. Petroleum is created as a byproduct in the process of refining crude oil (drilled directly from the earth that is typically converted into gasoline and other fuels).  (4) Petroleum based chemicals considerably weaken the nervous systems and immune systems after repeated exposure.

Illnesses identified in medical research...

“Illnesses identified in medical research include adult and child cancers, numerous neurological disorders, immune system weakening, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, infertility, miscarriage, and child behavior disorders including learning disabilities, mental retardation, hyperactivity and ADD (attention deficit disorders).”(5)  It is not uncommon for people to use other types of petroleum-based products for a variety of cosmetic purposes such as dry skin and dandruff.  A large manufacturer of petroleum based products is planning on greatly expanding its product line in the near future. 

Caution to everyone!

We caution everyone to avoid the use of these products as well. READ YOUR LABELS. To learn HOW, sign up for the AMG free NEWSLETTER. 


  • Never spray perfume on your skin.
  • Spray instead on your clothes and not too close to your NOSE.
  • Be aware that others around you are inhaling your perfume too.  Lungs are very sensitive to chemicals, especially those of babies and young children, as they cannot detoxify.  

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