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Anti-aging Secret: Egypt's Fountain of Youth

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Can you imagine if you were mummified and 3 million years later you were discovered looking YOUNG? Read this true historical story.

Moringa Oil Found In An Egyptian Tomb

Jars of  Moringa oil were found in an Egyptian tomb, Ancient Kemit Egypt to be specific, in the Tomb of Maiherpri somewhere around the 18th Dynasty.
The name ‘Maiherpri’ means “The Lion of the Battlefield". He apparently grew up in the nursery and he may have been being prepared by the elders to be one of the rulers, as he was buried in the Valley of Kings.

The mummy of Maiherpri is so well preserved that it almost looks like he is in a peaceful sleep.

The mummy was unwrapped on March 22, 1901. The first person to see his face centuries later was Georges Daressy. Daressy was overwhelmed with the state of the mummy's preservation. After taking off the mummy mask, he saw the beautiful face of a young man which looked more Nubian than most of the people whose burials had already been discovered in the Valley of the Kings. It is believed that the remains were from a burial of a royal prince who lived during the 18th dynasty.

valley of the kings

Moringa was likely found in tombs of the elite because of its well known anti-aging properties. The Moringa plant contains plant hormones known as cytokinins which help the plant live longer.  Researchers refer to these plant hormones as "anti-aging". Moringa oil also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Perhaps Egyptians knew all of this when the elite were preserved in tombs, as they believed the properties of the oils and herbs would continue working even after death. They called Moringa oil "expensive oil" because only the elite could afford it.

Use Egypt's Timeless Anti-Aging Secrets

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