The Best, Daily Skin Care Routine for You!

The best Daily Skin Care Routine starts with the BEST Natural Face Wash.

best skin care routine


Try Papaya Splash Foaming Face Cleanser by AMG Naturally. Papaya enzymes gently exfoliate while two miracle plant oils, Moringa and Sacha inchi, provide vitamins and moisture,  leaving your skin silky smooth and soft.  Most face washes contain harsh detergents that dry your skin and cause your skin to produce too much sebum oil to counteract this.  If you wonder why you are having breakouts, this could be the reason.


The next step of your daily routine is to moisturize to prevent dry skin and protect it from environmental assaults including the sun's ultraviolet rays that can cause wrinkles. The healthiest way to do this is to use AMG Naturally's Nature's Sun Secret lotion.

Nature's Sun Secret does not include chemical SPFs or Mineral SPFs but instead SPFs made by plants to protect them from long exposure to burning rays. This sun "d"-fense lotion also contains hyaluronic acid which holds in moisture, up to 1000 times its weight!  This coconut oil/ shea butter containing moisturizer is gentle enough to use every day.  Remember, you are what you absorb.  Read labels. Avoid chemicals.

By Linda Lizotte, R.D, CDN

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