Are Your Cosmetics Hurting You?

Are you donating money to the pink ribbon foundation for breast cancer?  

Remember that your dollar is your vote.  After reading this you may want to put your money where it counts.
pink ribbon cancer

A pharmaceutical company called AstraZeneca is a leading manufacturer of agricultural chemicals worldwide including carcinogenic pesticides. They also produce the drug Tamoxifen. They intelligently co-founded the pink ribbon foundation knowing they are making money off Tamoxifen, the number one prescribed drug for breast cancer.  Notice the foundation only touts increasing awareness and finding a cure. After all, how can they support prevention when they are somewhat guilty of causing the disease?
This is the same company that dumped DDT and PCBs into the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors in 1990 when it was owned by Imperial Chemical Industries, a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer of pesticides, paper, and plastics.  Nice. 

It gets worse...

Breast cancer diagnoses are on the rise and especially in younger women in their 20s and 30s.  This same company, the world's biggest manufacturer of chemicals, went on to buy up the cancer center treatments in America.  They also have control over research which is where your money is supposed to be going.  Do they really want a cure or do they want to sell more Tamoxifen?

Are your cosmetics hurting you?

Estée Lauder is a big financial supporter of the pink ribbon.  Why? Advertising exposure? They managed to remove chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates, (their cosmetics are loaded with the ingredients on the DO not contain list you see on the AMG label and website) from their cosmetics for sale in Europe, who banned them, but refuse to take them out of the products they sell in the U.S.  This could only be about larger profits, and a lack of conscience.  Why is the U.S. not banning the same ingredients?  That is for another blog.
Meanwhile, let's work together to increase education so we are spending our money wisely and improving the health of women and girls rather than contributing to its decline.

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