Dry Skin or Oily Skin? Get to the Root Cause.

Why does AMG NOT sell products with regimens that are specific to one's SKIN TYPE?

SKIN TYPE is over-hyped. Your skin type should be FLAWLESS.


Get to the root cause of your oily or dry skin.

dry oily skin

AMG believes in getting to the root cause of any health problem and/or skin condition.  Your skin is your largest organ. (I will expand on this in my next blog!)  It performs many important functions just like every organ in your body.  If every layer of your skin and it's cells were super healthy, your face would show it.

How? First your body needs to be well hydrated.  This requires drinking fresh, purified water daily.  Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily that are 8 oz each. Fluoride and chlorine are added to public water in most cities and states.  They both can suppress thyroid gland function by displacing iodine from thyroid receptor sites.  To learn more about this click here.

Purchase a home water purifier that removes these harmful ingredients or drink purified, bottled water. It is better to drink out of glass than plastic because harmful BPAs from plastic can leach into the water. To learn more about this click here. Never drink water with fluoride added.

Every cell needs water.  Cells get easily dehydrated especially when our lifestyle habits include excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol,salty foods, excessive perspiration from exercise, saunas, hot tubs,etc.  skin also gets dehydrated and dry from chemicals in our soaps and cosmetics such as alcohols, witch hazel...  Using the wrong facial soap/cleanser may be contributing to your dry skin. Washing your skin more than twice a day may be drying your skin as well and stripping it of healthy bacteria and necessary oils that keep it healthy and looking beautiful.

How does AMG Naturally's Elixir Oil improve BOTH dry and oily, acne prone skin?  It controls/regulates the production of skin oil called sebum produced by the sebaceous gland.

The next reason for problem skin is chemicals in your cosmetics and makeup.  Read AMGs newsletters to learn how to read and scrutinize common cosmetic chemicals and find out what effects they are having on your health and body way beyond your face.after reading each newsletter, read the ingredient list of your favorite products to see if they contain the ingredients that were just exposed as culprits.  Each newsletter covers a new, actual product ingredients list.

To find out the best regimen for improving and controlling acne read this...Blog on AMG website



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