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Acne is not an easy condition to correct, especially to fix permanently.

To improve any ailment, including acne or other tough skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, it is best to get to the cause or multifactorial causes.

Causes of acne

There is not one known cause of acne.  Your acne could be from one or more of these problems:  food allergies, hormonal imbalances, poor hygeine, dryness due to dehydrating chemical cleansers or bacteria from something such as sweating on a pillow case while sleeping.  Seeking the help of a holistic nutritionist or holistic health care practitioner is the best way to find out the cause or causes of YOUR acne. 

Let's start with the basics. 

The main cause of acne is overproduction of sebum oil. If you have very oily skin and you add bacteria to the equation, this is a recipe for ACNE. Do you sweat on your pillow at night?  Sweat plus bacteria, change your pillow cases daily.  Sebum oil is  produced by sebaceous glands in the skin.

What are sebaceous glands?

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The majority of sebaceous glands are near hair follicles. Sebum prevents the skin and hair from becoming too dry.  If we can control sebum production to just the right amount, not too much and not too little, our skin and hair would never be dry or oily.  Bacteria on the body can break down sebum oil resulting in a bad odor.  So  guess what?  

Does AMG Naturally cosmetics improve ACNE?

Yes.  We have several cases averaging 96% improvement in facial acne after1 month 

Here are the instructions for how to use AMG products to get the best results for acne: 

Follow these instructions and do this twice a day: 

  1.  While in the shower or bathroom in the morning, wash your face with AMG Gentle Foaming Face Wash.
  2.  Spray the Mineral Mist/Toner on and wait 2 minutes for it to dry
  3.  Elixir Oil (really critical - the most important product for fixing acne permanently) - put finger tip amount on hand and spread across entire face.  It is very important to put it directly on problem areas.  Oil on my acne really?  yes.  everything you have heard is WRONG..  

Zits clear up within 3 days.  The Moringa oil will kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and stop the skin from over-producing sebum oil. OVER-production of skin oil is the main cause of acne, according to research. 

The Spray Mist Toner is the 2nd most important product for acne.  It can be sprayed on the face multiple times of day, especially when skin feels dry or needs to feel refreshed. The minerals will balance the skin’s pH and make the skin healthier. 

Get clear skin now!

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Take photos every 3 days starting NOW!! 

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