Here is what I mean by: "Gender Bender"

Can you imagine kissing a frog and instead of the frog turning into Prince Charming it turns into a female frog?
A commonly used pesticide is doing just this. Male frogs exposed to it are turning into female frogs that can even lay eggs!! It must have some powerful estrogenic effect!!
  • The chemical pesticide I am referring to is Atrazine, made by Syngenta chemical company. This pesticide is showing up in foods, especially those grown in the soil, and even our drinking water, and was banned in the EU in 2003.
Chemicals like this and others that are found in 80% of skin creams (parabens: methylparaben, ethylparaben, phthalates: DEHP, DEP). These chemicals are added to prevent bacterial growth, and worse, from developing inside the bottle. I call them “Gender Benders” because they drastically increase estrogen levels in humans and animals.
As breast cancer awareness month is here again, we all have a duty to educate others and share this information. I am well AWARE that women, and men, are getting breast cancer. Why not put more muscle into education for prevention?!
What you put on your skin you are essentially “eating” because pores in our largest organ (the skin) absorb it inside.
I highly suggest you read all labels on your personal care items. For every chemical, there is one or more ingredients from nature that can do the same job. This is just one more thing that sets us apart from the other 'natural' skin care lines.
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