Look for these superstar ingredients in your skin care products


Being a registered dietitian, I believe in superfoods for SUPER skin!

I have found some great studies that support the inclusion of these three  ingredients into your anti-aging skin regimen.

  • Collagen – naturally produced by the skin, if the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals are available, to keep the skin taught and youthful looking. Production of collagen begins to decline between 20-30 years of age.
    • Thai ginseng – this priceless plant prevents wrinkle formation, skin atrophy and loss of elasticity. Researchers say that skin aging is mainly due to reduction of energy production in skin cells which happens inside skin mitochondria.  If skin cells cannot produce energy because they are exposed to excessive free radicals, also known as oxidative stress, they will die.  Research has shown this plant to correct all of this.  (Thai ginseng so skin cells don’t die) . 
        • Cucumber extract – nature’s best ingredient for puffy eyes; naturally containing vitamin C (skin’s favorite antioxidant) and caffeic acid (polyphenol with powerful antioxidant activity).

        Bedtime Beauty Repair contains these three superstars along with superfoods; Moringa oleifera and Sacha inchi. Click here to check it out 

        AMG Naturally's skincare formulas, which are Naturally green. Naturally clean. are designed to help you stop SKINtoxing while helping you Age More Gracefully.


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