Don't Just Detox, Skintox as Well.


January is a great month to detox: clean your diet, clean your liver, clean your mind. Try the 21 Day Detox Program by Designs for Health. You will be sure to lose weight, lower your cholesterol and feel fabulous. 

After all of your hard work and exercise, you take a shower and use a harsh, chemical soap with fragrance (“fragrance” always contains hidden phthalates which are gender benders). Then you use a paraben-containing shampoo and conditioner (parabens also are hormone disruptors so I call them both “gender benders”), then a gender bender body lotion. It makes sense to refer to all of this as “SKINTOXING”.

So, you DETOX and then you SKINTOX without realizing it.

What is skintoxing?

Skintoxing refers to innocently rubbing trusted lotions on your skin (or baby’s skin) that contain synthetic chemicals that can cause congenital defects (birth defects) or are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Doesn’t this outrage you? Why does the FDA allow this? The FDA will not be stopping the chemical companies any time soon so you better protect yourself and your family by learning to read labels.

take home message

Don’t just clean your bathroom, clean up your cosmetic line. It’s time to start reading labels on EVERYTHING you put on your body.

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Don’t get mad. Get educated. Get smart.

What you put on your skin DOES matter! You are what you absorb.



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