AMG Naturally Goes Live

Many people have been anxiously waiting for my website to go up, to check it all out - the products they have been hearing about.  Well, AMG (Age More Gracefully) finally goes LIVE!!  

I am very proud of what I have created with the help of a beautyceuticals expert, our team of chemists and our graphics experts. I did not want a website up until my product line was perfected. This is where my time and mental energy has been directed along with browsing medical libraries for research on the fascinating phytonutrients in AMG plant ingredients.  Some of them are newly discovered, most from the amazon (NOT AMAZON) and therefore very new to the nutriceutical and beautyceutical world.  

Not to mention, reading studies about the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals commonly found in skin care products.  How anti-aging can products be if you are absorbing the chemicals they contain into your bloodstream?  Parabens were found in breast tissue of women with breast cancer!

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As a nutritionist, I care about your skin care products.  

Do we want these chemicals in our water supply?  Do we want them on our children?  Look for the list of chemicals I promise to never put in the AMG anti-aging product line.  Medical Grade topical products should have the emblems you see on my labels (not tested on animals, GMO free, gluten free, etc.)  By the way, there is no such thing as an organic skin care product because a minimum of 60% of all products are water.  There is no such thing as organic water.  The water used for AMG products is properly purified.  They do not claim to be something they are not. What you see on the label is in the product and what you do NOT see on the label is NOT in the product.   Try my tropical topicals.  Those who try, will buy.  I am so confident in their efficacy that I offer a 100% money back guarantee.


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