Skin Care Products

All of the AMG Naturally products below are naturally green, naturally clean, pure nutrition for the skin. They are so potent in antioxidants and natural anti-microbials that the products are self-preserving which means no need for chemical preservatives and stabilizers.

• All formulas use a proprietary delivery system for deep skin penetration of the valuable nutrients.

• Airless pumps dispense the creams and foams so as not to waste any of the precious formulas.

• Chemical free.

• Vegetarian.

• No animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

• Gluten-free.

• Non GMO.

• Products are Medical Grade:  Meet doctor standards and contain efficacious amounts of active ingredients.

• Benefits teenagers and men and women of all ages.

moisturizing lotion
Moringa-Infused Daily Moisturizing: The synergism of healthy oils: Aloe, Moringa, Jojoba, Avocado, Sea Buckthorn and more, will deeply moisturize, rehydrate and nourish dry, thirsty skin. Our proprietary transdermal delivery system allows for…Learn More $ 50.00
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night cream
Night Time Repair Cream: The proprietary delivery system allows the formula, chock full of nutrients, to penetrate deep into the skin for maximum results. Loaded with antioxidants such as Lipoic acid and CoQ10, skin-damaging free radicals will…Learn More $ 66.00
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face wash for sensitive skin
Papaya Splash Face Wash: Contains papaya enzymes and shea butter leaving your skin clean and rebalanced. Our hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial cleanser is pH balanced to replenish the skin’s moisture-building capacity. Gently safe for daily use…Learn More $ 33.00
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bags under eye lotion
Moringa Infused Under Eye Serum: Most eye serums contain ethyl alcohol to give you a certain feel/texture without adding to the product’s results. Our serum contains 100,000 units of retinol (plant vitamin A), the most tested anti-wrinkle…Learn More $ 66.00
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moringa oil for your face
Botanical Elixir Oil: This botanical elixir for skin and hands contains a synergistic blend of Moringa oil with Sacha inchi oil. By pairing the potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories of Moringa oil with high omega 3 content Sacha inchi…Learn More $ 50.00
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natural sun block
Nature’s Sun Secret: No white residue. No chemicals. Allows vitamin D production. Prevents sunburn. Allows minimal melanin production for slow, safe tanning. Loaded with plant antioxidants and plant SPFs for optimal skin defense. Baby safe…Learn More $ 22.00
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Hydrating Mist and Toner
Hydrating Mist & Toner: Skin get easily dehydrated from many causes, driving long distances in a car, flying at high altitudes, not drinking enough water and drinking coffee, tea and alcohol. Our proprietary mist delivers a weightless layer …Learn More $ 33.00
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skin care kit
All-Natural Skin Care System + Papaya Splash Face Wash: AMG’s newest innovative beauty products will introduce you to the 4,000 year-old, time-tested benefits of Moringa Oleifera. Our proprietary Moringa-infused formula is rapidly absorbed into…Learn More $ 248.00
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gentle exfoliator for face
Rosehip Seed Exfoliator: Gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin without irritation. Refreshes by removing excess dead skin cells, while relaxing and softening the layers beneath…Learn More $ 66.00
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dead sea mud mask
Dead Sea Mud Mask: Also features Bentonite and French clays. It is designed to pull out toxins while increasing circulation to the face bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to your cells while carrying away toxins. The Dead Sea is 1320 ft. below…Learn More $ 66.00
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safe bug spray
Nature’s Bug Secret: Tested to repel mosquitoes and biting bugs for over 3 hours. DEET-free, non-toxic, chemical-free. Baby safe. All plant ingredients…Learn More $ 16.00
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