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AMG Private Label Details

Placing your order looks like this:

  1. Pick the product or products you would like to order.
  2. Pick a unique name for that product.
  3. Submit your graphics to the AMG graphic design team,
  4. Email a PO to (25 minimum order per product). Your price will be the standard wholesale price as listed on the wholesale price sheet. Please give correct address where products should be shipped to.
  5. Next you will receive your label in the mail and sign off on it using the AMG approval form. You may fax that signed approval form to 302-372-0571 or scan and email it to customer
  6. Labels will take about four weeks to arrive and will be placed on your bottles for you.
  7. Your bottles will ship to you directly from AMG. Shipping from AMG is typically 2-4 days.
  8. For charging patients we recommend you Follow the suggested retail prices on the AMG wholesale/retail price sheet.
  9. AMG will photograph your bottles before sending and help you add them to your shopping cart. We welcome and value your suggestions. Thank you for choosing AMG Naturally anti-aging, non-toxic cosmetics. Together, we can reduce "skintoxing".


Hurry! First 20 Private Label customers get free graphic design and label creating.


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