About Us

 Linda Lizotte, R.D., Founder and CEO, AMG Naturally

Naturally green.  Naturally clean.

I was motivated to create these formulas to help  people Age More Gracefully and to help people stop skin-toxing. 

 As a practicing nutritionist for over 15 years, I have  successfully treated thousands of clients with a wide  range of health issues. I am the founder of the #1 nutraceutical company in the country. Realizing that what we rub on our skin DOES matter, because we are what we absorb, I saw the need for anti-aging skin products that don't just say they are natural, but actually ARE natural. I now have developed a line of personal care products. My products contain no synthetic chemicals and are derived from all-natural plant sources making them unique to the beautyceutical industry. We at AMG Naturally Inc. believe “We are what we absorb.” Why not get healthy, stay healthy, and age more gracefully?

These formulas are designed for all skin types. They are hypoallergenic due to the purity of the carefully chosen ingredients. They contain a 100% natural formula designed to make your skin healthier and younger. Get ready to fall in love. Once you try them there is no turning back, except the clock!

Best results are obtained using the 5 step system daily. Because these formulas are designed to correct, by delivering nutrients deep into the skin using a proprietary delivery system, expect to see improvements in all skin types: oily, dry, blotchy, acne-prone. Overall health of the skin, including collagen production which decreases as we age, will improve over long-term usage. Nourish your skin and be healthy, inside and out.

AMG Naturally products are naturally clean, naturally green, pure nutrition for the skin.  They are so potent in antioxidants and natural anti-microbials that the products are self-preserving which means no need for chemical preservatives and stabilizers.

• All formulas use a proprietary delivery system for deep skin penetration of the valuable nutrients.
• Eco-friendly pump with a non-toxic, food grade tube.
• Chemical free.
• Vegetarian.
• No animal ingredients and not tested on animals.
• Gluten-free.
• Products are Medical Grade:  Meet doctor standards and contain efficacious amounts of active ingredients.
• Benefit teenagers and men and women of all ages.

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