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Linda Lizotte, Founder and Formulator, AMG Naturally

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Superfood Infused Skin Care Collection
Moringa, 'Tree of Life' & Sacha Inchi, 'Vegan Omega 3's'
My beloved sister, Linda passed away on June 30, 2020. Linda's life work, as a nutritionist, educator, lecturer and co-founder of one of the highest ranking neutraceutical companies in the country, led her to create a line of 'Nutrition for the Skin'. She combines two Superfoods and other skin loving ingredients, packed full of nutrients from Mother earth. Linda educated passionately on the dangers of  'skintoxing'. Research shows many serious illnesses and cancers are linked to chemicals used in the Skin Care industry. We are what we absorb. I am dedicated to carrying on Linda's legacy to provide the best quality natural skin care products available today, at a humble price.  
My degree as Ayruvedic Bishak, is a specialized degree in Ayurvedic Medicine. I studied with finest Ayurvedic Doctors and Herbalists in India. I combined ancient Pancha Karma Cleansing Treatments, Ayurvedic Consultations, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbology and Nutrition at my Yogic Arts Studio, in Lake Tahoe, CA.
Dawn Martin, Ayurvedic Bishak
President, AMG Naturally
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