Practitioner / Owner Signup

  1. Requirements
    Provide AMG Naturally, INC. (AMG) with your tax ID number or EIN and you will qualify for wholesale pricing on AMG products.

  2. Direct Patient Ordering Options
    You will receive a personalized Doctor Referral Code that gives your customers 10% off the retail prices on the AMG website. Your 10% discount encourages your clients/customers/patients to use your personalized Doctor Code so AMG can track the purchases to you. Expect to be paid once monthly on your clients’ purchases.

  3. Discounting in Office is Allowed.
    AMG Naturally does not allow any internet discounting of any kind on any online store.

  4. Violation of this Agreement
    AMG reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to discontinue wholesale pricing to any customer found to be in violation of any items or conditions contained within this agreement.

  5. Why should I sign this agreement?
    After providing your information and signing this agreement, you will be entered into the AMG database as a private customer. Welcome to the AMG Naturally team. Thank you for helping our mission to stop 'SKINtoxing'. Please understand that agreeing not to discount AMG products on the internet protects you and helps with patient compliance. You may discount the MSRP in your office at your own discretion.