Partner With AMG Naturally

Thank you for your interest in signing up as a wholesaler with AMG Naturally!

Please read the terms and conditions below before pressing the "Sign Up!" button. By completing the form below and clicking the "Sign Up!" button you are entering a binding contract per approval of AMG Naturally staff and also agree not to discount any AMG Naturally products on any online sales, if sold online, it must be sold at AMG Naturally suggested MSRP.


1. Requirements for AMG Distributor Status
AMG Naturally, INC. (AMG) products are offered at wholesale pricing only
to individuals identified by AMG as qualified health care practitioners
(QHPs). A practitioner who is directly providing health counseling
services to individuals hereafter referred to as “patients” and who abides
by the conditions detailed herein will be considered a QHP.

2. Direct Patient Ordering Option
QHP/QA may permit a patient/customer to order products directly from
AMG. Patient/customer may order using the AMG toll-free number or
through the AMG website. No patient/customer orders until the
authorizing QHP/QA has been identified by AMG, and receives their
personalized discount code. The authorizing QHP/QA is eligible to receive
commission on all such orders.

3. Discounting in Office is Allowed, however, not on the internet.
Any claims or suggestions of AMG product discounting are expressly
prohibited, such as “20% off all Professional Brand Products”. We do not
allow any internet discounting of any kind on any website.

4. Remedy for QHP violation of this Agreement
AMG reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to discontinue wholesale
pricing to any QHP found to be in violation of any items or conditions
contained within this Agreement. In the event AMG determines such
violation has occurred, AMG will provide the offending QHP with a
certified notice of said resolution. If said violation continues after receipt
of certified notice, AMG shall have the right to charge QHP full retail price
for all products purchased up to one year proceeding the date of said

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the purpose of this agreement?
A: This agreement defines AMG’s commitment to you financially. After you
recommend these products to your patient/customers, it is not fair to you if
they can find those very products online at a discounted price. The ultimate
goal of this program is to ensure patients/customers will experience the
positive outcomes they expect from the AMG product line – and that you and
your practice and or business benefit accordingly.

Q: How does this program prevent Internet discounting?
A: There currently is zero discounting of AMG products on the web. AMG
promises to keep a keen eye on this to ensure that this continues.
AMG intends to conduct searches through popular search engines such as
those offered by Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Atlas
Search. When we determine that a website is in violation of the AMG
Wholesaler Ordering Conditions, we will work to identify the offending account
and send them a letter demanding that the website be brought into
compliance for your benefit. If the account does not comply with our request
within a reasonable period, they are no longer considered a QHP/QA and they
become permanently ineligible to receive wholesale pricing. In extreme
circumstances, such as “gray marketers” supplying well known abusing
websites, we will retroactively charge the supplier full retail price for all
products purchased up to 1 year preceding the date of isolation.

Q: Why should I sign this agreement?
A: Signing this agreement and providing your information allows you to be
entered into the AMG database as a private customer that agrees to not
discount AMG products on any website. You may sell the products on your
own website at MSRP (Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price). You are
agreeing that discounting AMG prices online is not in the best interest of your
practice/business nor to the other QHP/QAs. You may discount the MSRP in
your own office at your own discretion.

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