Why All Natural?

Why All Natural?

As a nutritionist for over 15 years, Linda continued to help people in her private practice and now with her own "beautyceutical" product line.  Turning 50 was her impetus for starting a skin care company that delivers nutrients and minerals to the skin and is truly all-natural.  We are all going to age, but why not Age More Gracefully? 

The more chemicals we put in our topical creams, shampoos, and other beauty products, the more chemicals end up in our bodies, our water, and our environment. Chemical exposure increases the ageing and disease process. You will never see chemicals in AMG Naturally products. Age More Gracefully with us; while together we reduce the amount of chemicals we are all being exposed to.

Our body is designed to consume natural compounds but, when we consume chemical toxins, our body attempts to process them via normal pathways: Small intestine, bloodstream, liver, kidney,  ultimately to be stored in fatty tissue. What is the point of detoxifying if we continue to expose ourselves to toxic chemicals in beauty and household products?

Chemicals (synthetically created substances) are foreign to our bodies. Even when we do not recognize a chemical, our bodies' inherent intelligence does.

The bodies natural defense to the piling up of chemicals, may be to create a tumor to contain the toxins, as protection. The tumor may eventually become cancerous with continued exposure to toxic substances. Parabens and phthalates, heavily used in cosmetics, are chemicals. The only value these chemicals have  is as a preservative, but there is a better, natural way to achieve this. In our blogs and newsletters, we educate share the importance of reading "beautyceutical" labels and educating ourselves about Skin Care health.

Chemicals expedite the ageing process due to absorption into the bloodstream. Conversely, consumption of healthy foods, nutriceuticals, and truly natural skin care products, slows the ageing process.

Adding antioxidants and other powerful nutrients to skin care products helps you to Age More Gracefully. We are what we absorb. So why would you want to absorb chemicals in your anti-ageing skin care products?  AMG products are Naturally Green. Naturally Clean.  And the best news is that they really work. Get ready to "fall in love" with AMG Naturally!