Why All-Natural

Why All-Natural?

As a nutritionist for over 15 years, I continue to help people in my private practice and now in with my own nutriceutical product line.   Turning 50 was my impetus for starting a skin care company that delivers antioxidants to the skin and is truly all-natural.  We are all going to age, but why not Age More Gracefully (AMG)? 


I am passionate about the skin care industry, and I truly care about YOUR SKIN CARE.  The more chemicals we put in our topical creams, shampoos, etc. the more chemicals end up in our water, our environment, and after in our bodies.  Chemical exposure increases the aging process.  I choose to make a difference by making a promise to YOU to never use chemicals in AMG products so you can Age More Gracefully while together we reduce the amount of chemicals we are all being exposed to. (See the AMG mission statement.)


Our body is designed to consume natural compounds but, when we consume chemical toxins, our body attempts to process them via normal pathways:  small intestine, bloodstream, liver, kidney,  ultimately to be stored  in fatty tissue. This is why we should focus on detoxification programs to get "cleaned out", which will help reduce the toxins in our liver and fatty tissue.  If you do detoxify you want to avoid rubbing chemicals back into to your body through your skin.


Margarine, for example, is a BUTTER substitute but it sure is not a BETTER substitute.  It is man-made.  It is not natural.  Margarine is trans fats on steroids.  Now that the average consumer realizes these are bad for you, (nutritionists have known this for YEARS) the FDA makes food companies disclose the amount of trans fats in their foods. Chemicals, synthetically created substances, are foreign to our bodies.  Even when WE do not recognize a chemical, our bodies DO.


Piling up of chemicals may actually create tumors as the body tries to protect itself.  The tumor may eventually become cancerous upon continued exposure to toxic substances.   Parabens and phthalates, heavily used in cosmeceuticals (which I will refer to as beautyceuticals), are chemicals.  These chemicals only value is to work as preservatives.  There is a much better way to do this.   In my opinion, they are unacceptable and unnecessary.  In my blog and newsletter I help educate people about the importance of reading beautyceutical labels and educating themselves about skin care health.


It is easy to comprehend that chemicals expedite the skin’s aging process and the whole body due to absorption into the bloodstream.  It is also easy to comprehend that consumption of healthy foods and nutriceuticals slows  the aging process.  Alternatively, adding antioxidants and other powerful nutrients to skin care products helps you to Age More Gracefully.  We are what we absorb. So why would you want  to absorb chemicals in your anti-aging skin care products?  AMG products are Naturally Green, Naturally Clean.  And the best news is that they really work.  So, get ready to "fall in love" with AMG products, AMG Naturally!